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    Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

    Sampled this fragrance now several times, and this is what I'm ending up with.

    The first 30 minutes to one hour is great. Why? The tobacco-part dominates, keeping the absurd amount of vanilla at bay, displaying at least a whisper of masculinity and presence.

    After that, it all goes horribly wrong for me. I'm treated to an explosion of vanilla, and it just doesn't want to quit it's extreme vanilla-game. It's overtly sweet, and I just can't deal with it, and find it extremely feminine.

    I've also received numerous feedbacks on the fact that I smell less than masculine. Could it be a cultural thing? Yes, I suppose. It could also just be the fact that sweet vanilla just isn't very masculine, at least not for me.

    I'm giving it a thumbs down because of the absurd price, and the fact that it way too quickly morphs into the vanilla monster from your sugary dreams. Even though, it's very well put together, and the longevity and projection is EXTREME!

    If you really LOVE vanilla, go for this and never look back. If you, like me, came looking for tobacco, continue your search.

    14th April, 2012

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