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    Juniper Sling by Penhaligon's

    I like Juniper Sling a lot. When I first applied my sample, I was met with the aromatic and very dry beefeater-like gin and tonic quality that others have remarked about. That persisted for maybe an hour. Later, (while I was on the metro rail) I noticed something sweet in the air. Since a lady had just sat next to me, I first assumed it was her. But when I concentrated on the application to my arm, I realized it was me. I looked up the notes on my cell phone and sure enough, I saw that Juniper Sling had black cherry and brown sugar notes. I must say, I like this part a lot, possibly even more than the bright gin opening, which I also liked very much. It transformed into a spicy, sweet and slightly leathery drydown. From start to finish Juniper Sling projects a classic pre-prohibition era cocktail quality to it (which was the explicit theme for this perfume's creation). I actually didn't have a problem with longevity (without holding my nose to my arm I caught a smell of it here and there on me as long as 7 hours after application) so much as I had a problem with projection. The projection with the sample was indeed well below average and left me dissatisfied.

    Despite this problem I bought a full bottle, largely on the merit of the cherry and gin cocktail heart and drydown (although like I said I enjoyed the brisk opening as well). I think the complaints below about longevity and projection are possibly a result of only using small samples. I won't deny that I apply Juniper Sling HEAVILY when I choose to wear it, but I manage to get a reasonable amount of projection afterwards, as much as the average millesime Creed at least. So perhaps bear this in mind if this issue has left you undecided about getting a full bottle.

    17th April, 2012

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