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    Les Nombres d'Or : Vanille by Mona di Orio

    Personally I wouldn't classify this as a vanilla centered composition but more sort of a sweetish sandalwood fragrance. In this context Les Nombres d`Or Vanille is a well balanced woody composition that while being surely satisfying it's probably not among the most original fragrances around. Don't let this disencourage you, Vanille is an incredibly fine fragrance if you're up for a solid, not overly sweet, boisè.

    It opens with a boozy accord of citruses and rum to quickly evolve into a sweeter tonka/vanilla middle phase where spices and amber provide some body. Sandalwood start remarking its presence to gradually take over during the moderately sweet, woody drydown supported by a slight musky quality and some vetiver. Nice progression, smooth evolution, great balance but, in the end, we've seen this iteration of the woody/vanilla too many times. I can't say I dont like it but, considering the price tag, this is something I won't get antious to purchase...

    Downline: A nice vanilla for people who don't like straight forward vanillas.

    18th April, 2012

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