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    Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson

    I was initially disappointed with Fancy, Jessica Simpson's first international fragrance release, because although it was pleasant, I found it far too similar to Britney Spears Fantasy and Aquolina's Pink Sugar. Fancy Love on the otherhand is truly delightful and different. A fragrance that I'm enjoying wearing.

    Fancy Love opens with delicate notes of peach blossom and jasmine, highlighted by a rich, aromatic glass of sparkling champagne. I love this somewhat alcoholic opening, however for those not familiar with the aroma of champagne, they may find themselves a little sickened by the smell.

    Towards the heart, Fancy Love is quite creamy and lush. It's like an almost edible blend of floral accords and whipped cream without the sugar. This fragrance is lovely in all kinds of weather, however it suits Spring and Autumn the best.

    On cool skin, Fancy Love is mostly floral and creamy, however on warm skin, a deliciously fizzy peach and frangipani blend comes to the fore. On my skin, unfortunately Fancy Love is quite linear, however when I breathe hot air onto my wrist, the scent shows signs of complexity.

    The longevity is fantastic, really surprising when you consider how inexpensive this fragrance is. I'm really liking Fancy Love, and while I will use up the rest of the sample, it will take time to decide whether it's full bottle worthy.

    20th April, 2012

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