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    J'Adore L'Or by Christian Dior

    I'm not sure what made me test this fragrance, seeming that I'm not a fan of the original, however since having experienced this fragrance on the skin, J'Adore L'Or (or Essence de Parfum), is hardly anything like the original, and therefore far more pleasing to my nose.

    This fragrance is quite a rich, syrupy white floral. It is golden and bold in its nature, and it seems to be far more elegant than the EDP version of J'Adore, at least in my opinion. It focuses primarily upon jasmine and rose, distilled directly from Dior's fields in Grasse. This fragrance isn't however your typical, soft white floral, because it is in fact quite complex and strong.

    Smelling this fragrance actually reminds me of those big, loud and classic fragrances of the 70's and 80's. The richness is rather shocking and sensual at the same time. The fruity nuances usually found in J'Adore are missing in this particular composition, and in its place are thick and heady vanilla notes and resinous amber.

    J'Adore L'Or of course demands your attention as a powerful scent and one that speaks of sophistication and elegance. Apparently it is an exclusive fragrance, yet I have managed to find it in quite a few small stores in my area.

    The lasting strength is very impressive, however this is a fragrance that relies upon skin chemistry to work. Unfortunately towards the heart, J'Adore L'Or turned sour and rather chemical on my skin which was a huge let-down.

    All in all, this fragrance doesn't feel like a flanker to me. I think it deserves another name entirely because I doubt that J'Adore lovers will appreciate this new release.

    20th April, 2012

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