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    L.A. Glow by J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez

    I'm getting rather tired of seeing so many different Glow bottles these days, as I often crave a new celebrity release that isn't a never-ending continuation of flanker after flanker. L.A. Glow was something I didn't expect to like, however I find it pleasing to say the least. A fruity floral that tends to be quite well done.

    The fruits in L.A. Glow are quite rich and dark. A scent that reminds me of Escada's Moon Sparkle. It has a very intense yet sweet blend of berries and plum, that for some reason makes me think that it's best worn as a night-time fragrance.

    Although very sweet and jam-like, L.A. Glow is not distasteful. I'll admit that I've grown out of scents such as this, but I must say I was quite captivated by the way it smelt. It wasn't anywhere near as cheap as I thought it would smell, and it's actually quite sexy.

    L.A. Glow in my opinion, is essentially designed to be worn in a nightclub and partying atmosphere. It doesn't strike me as being anything too casual or too subtle. It will most likely appeal to young women for that exact purpose.

    Jennifer Lopez fragrances tend to have their ups and downs. Because this fragrance wasn't promoted as much as her previous scents were, I was a little dubious. But despite the lack of promotion I do think this fragrance will sell extremely well.

    20th April, 2012

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