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    Pretty Hot by Elizabeth Arden

    Pretty Hot, is the so-called sexier flanker originating from Pretty, a flowery, yet forgettable fragrance released in 2009.

    Pretty Hot, is not that hot. While Pretty was a sweet, Spring-like floral, this fragrance is a little richer, spicier and better suited to colder weather, but it's no 'naughty' scent, at least in my opinion.

    I wore this over the weekend, and on my skin it smelt rather fruity and potent. The blood orange and the apple notes tend to really stand out. I had a few compliments, yet I felt it was a tad too safe and girlish for me.

    The peony, without fail, is always a bold floral note in every composition I've tried with this ingredient. In Pretty Hot peony features quite strongly, with subtle hints of pepper and patchouli, which attempt to make this fragrance more grounded and dark.

    I wasn't expecting much, so I'm not bitterly disappointed in Pretty Hot. I didn't even know it was released until I walked past the Elizabeth Arden counter. I think, like Pretty, this fragrance will appeal to the younger market. Women will wear this if they enjoy it, however I doubt that it will succeed in making a full grown woman feel sexy. There are so many other sexier scents out there.

    20th April, 2012

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