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    Rumeur 2 Rose by Lanvin

    Rumeur 2 Rose is an interesting fragrance in the sense that it's not entirely rose, but a rich blend of fruits and flowers.

    I think I initially expected something quite sweet, rosy and fruity, but Rumeur 2 Rose is not so predictable. The opening is actually quite bitter and sharp, what seems to be lemon, bitter orange and pink rose counteracting with one another.

    It does settle after awhile, however the fruitiness remains. I can detect an array of floral notes at times, but during most of its development, Rumeur 2 Rose is all about luscious roses and zesty citrus.

    I'm not a huge fan of this fragrance because I think it smells very much like an expensive shampoo or shower gel. I do actually own this fragrance in the shower gel because I found it cheap and I knew I would enjoy using it along with other rose-scented bath products. As a perfume though, I'm not convinced.

    I don't find this fragrance particularly refreshing, yet I do enjoy its unique take on a common rose note. It reminds me of Spring and I think it can also be worn by anyone of any age. The drydown is quite musky with subtle hints of earthy patchouli, which is thankfully not overpowering in the base.

    The lasting power is not bad, lasting well over six hours. I think Rumeur 2 Rose is a fruity rose scent with a lot of character.

    20th April, 2012

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