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    A Scent by Issey Miyake Florale by Issey Miyake

    It's difficult knowing where to start when it comes to describing the way A Scent Florale makes me feel. Thankfully it doesn't repulse me like the original, acrid and green A Scent did, however this fragrance lacks something.

    It's fresh, just like its predecessor, however it has lost all its greeness and become more 'pink' and soapy. I'm not really enjoying its girlish charm, and I think the trend of the 'pink' perfume is starting to bore me to tears.

    It's very subtle on the skin, so much so that I don't see the point in wearing it. A friend of mine actually mistook this fragrance as the scent of my shampoo, so I can't say that it has a real 'perfumey' vibe. It's one of those pleasant, inoffensive type fragrances that aim to please those around you rather than yourself.

    Honestly, the scent is not too bad, however when it comes to clean florals, I would much prefer to sniff a bar of jasmine and peony scented soap than spray it on myself. The idea of smelling clean is something that I personally cannot fathom. Clean fragrances leave me uninspired.

    I must say that the lasting strength is pretty good, especially since Issey Miyake does attempt to state in big, bold writing that this is an EDP by stating it in the perfume's name. I find that on fabric A Scent Florale tends to radiate a lot stronger, however the skin does lap this stuff up, making it very quiet and subdued.

    For the sake of creating a flanker that I can now stomach, since the original A Scent made me nauseous, I am glad that this was released. However, like I unfortunately expected, this was yet another bland and boring soapy floral for me.

    20th April, 2012

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