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    Kelly Calèche by Hermès

    Kelly Caleche is quite strange. To my nose, it's a harsh leather scent with pink floral undertones.

    I find it quite consistent in being a blend of both softness and sharpness. I applaud Jean-Claude Ellena for being so daring in his approach, however this blend leaves me a little dumbfounded.

    I find myself being rather drawn to it, yet its occasional hints of masculine soapiness turns me off it slightly. Especially towards the drydown however, the soapiness vanishes and is replaced with a delicate and feminine powderiness.

    Hermes creations often have a very distinguishable vegetal quality in their fragrances. I initially thought that this quality was absent in Kelly Caleche, yet I must admit I was wrong and that the vegetal smell comes across rather strongly with the leather in the opening. I can't say I'm a fan of this smell.

    While the leather in Kelly Caleche is mild when compared to the likes of Gres Cabochard and Robert Piguet's Bandit, it is certainly present and quite loud alongside the florals. The longevity is wonderful I must say, and this is for the EDT version.

    Overall, I recommend Kelly Caleche based on its uniqueness, however for those that like leather scents to be highlighted by woods rather than flowers, I'd probably skip this.

    20th April, 2012

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