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    Costume National 21 by Costume National

    Every now and then, smooth and creamy fragrances tend to appeal to me. They're my answer to the 'clean' fragrances where soapiness and sharp citrus fail to impress.

    Costume National 21 is positively amazing. It smells like sweetened milk, vanilla and spice. I think I was in love the first time I smelt it. It's a touch ambery and sweet at times, however the white creaminess of this fragrance is what stands out the most to my nose.

    This is the kind of fragrance that I find very relaxing. It reminds me a little of Diesel's Plus Plus Feminine and Emporio Armani White for Women.

    Costume National 21 opens rather creamy and luscious, in some ways innocent and pure. Towards the heart there is a touch of pepper, rich amber and caraway seeds, which later rounds out to a deliciously smokey vanilla incense.

    I'm amazed that I have rarely heard this fragrance mentioned on our forums. I feel that I could praise it to the moon and back. Although having hardly anything in common, Costume National 21 evokes the same soothing and cuddly sensation that DK's Cashmere Mist is so famous for.

    The longevity and sillage are equally impressive, being strong, without breaking down the intimacy created. I strongly recommend this fragrance.

    20th April, 2012