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    Scent by Costume National

    Scent is a basic name, and basic is what this composition is. However, despite its simplicity, it's pretty, interesting and likable. Scent is a fragrance that could easily appeal to anyone.

    I find it a toned down, more floral version of Agent Provocateur's Strip. The jasmine and frangipani blooms are soft and slightly creamy, which are further complimented by rich notes of tea and amber. There's perhaps other spices also in this blend.

    It has a beautiful sensuality, one that is almost unisex. I'd actually like to smell this on a man. There's a rich, ambery woodsiness about Scent which hints at masculinity. While Costume National Homme is the most masculine offering from the brand, I wouldn't dismiss Scent altogether as a fragrance for men also.

    The opening of tea, jasmine and frangipani was quite aromatic to my nose. It had a lovely, soothing quality which I really enjoyed. As the fragrance progresses, the amber note becomes more prominent, before settling into a rich, ambery and powdery incense accord.

    It's that smouldering sexiness which is conveyed through Scent that has gained this fragrance its fans. The longevity and the moderate to strong sillage has also won hearts. Scent may not be a modern classic and it may not be all that memorable, however this is one fragrance that manages to be quite captivating and a great success for the Costume National brand.

    21st April, 2012

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