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    Jicky by Guerlain

    I expected something strange, so strange that I was prepared to be completely turned off. Jicky was so far from being repulsive, that it was actually quite humourous. In fact, Jicky for me is pure love.

    This is a beautiful, smooth yet crisp lemon and herb blend. On my skin Jicky becomes rather spicy and bold, almost foody with a strange cinnamon and vanilla concoction that smells very much like cinnamon doughnuts.

    Every now and then there's that distinguishable calamine lotion smell which is found in many Guerlain classics, which I adore by the way. It's strange, but in some ways I find Jicky more elegant than Shalimar and L'Heure Bleue.

    I would recommend this fragrance for both sexes. I would not be able to keep my hands off a man wearing this. On my skin Jicky appears to be sweeter, more gourmand and oriental, however on a man's skin I do believe the leather and the lemon would create something very pleasing to a female nose.

    Jicky is so complex that I am continuously amazed by this composition through the duration of the wearing, which is very long-lasting by the way. I am not astounded to realise that Jicky has been alive and kicking since 1889. It's one fragrance that deserves to last the next 500 years. I am yet to try the EDP, pure parfum and vintage versions of Jicky, however for the EDT alone, I am suitably impressed.

    21st April, 2012

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