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    Bulgari Man by Bulgari

    First, let me say that I don't only buy the most wonderful scents. Some fairly mediocre scents are still good enough to wear to work, or on a routine day. I can't live with my head in the clouds all the time! I thought this was a bit above average middle-of-the-road scent, the kind of thing I could wear around people who don't like scents that project a lot. It is close to the skin (like a lot of the Bvlgari men's line, apart from Black, perhaps). It is modern and fresh, with the currently popular violet leaf accord, but it also has a nice semi-gourmand quality (the honey?) and it dries down pretty quickly to a skin scent that is nevertheless detectable to those very close by (a date scent, maybe). Someone compared it to a combination of Bvlgari Soir and Bvlgari Black. I would have said Soir and Blue without the marine note. Soir, but warmer, not so off-the-top fresh, but more subtly so.

    In short, perfectly nice, but not stunning; consequently, perfect for when you want to come across as smelling (merely) nice (and not too much). It fills a niche in my wardrobe, along with a few others. Whether it's for you is for you to decide.

    29th August, 2010

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