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    Opus II by Amouage

    Testing this from a sample. It seems to go through a fairly rapid development, and goes quiet sometime between the start of the heart note and the beginning of the base. It's hard for me to judge these things when I can't spray a scent on; using the juice by applying it from moistened wrists doesn't always give me a true impression. I had tested this casually before, but today was my first full wearing. I like it very much, except for the quietness of it. I wish it stayed as noticeable throughout as it does in the top note. I like it enough to have ordered it, so that should say something about my willingness to get beyond my reservations. I do, however, think it will require more than I applied today to satisfy my nose. I want to say I think there's some confusion about one of the top notes here: the note listed in English as "Pink Bay" is, I fear, a mistranslation of the French "baies roses," which is actually what we usually call pink peppercorns in English. I don't smell bay laurel in this; the pink pepper seems more plausible to my nose.

    13th September, 2010

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