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    Patchouli by Molinard

    I never trust note lists - to me, Patchouli is a proper green chypre, heavy on the patchouli. The top pairs some bright lavender with dated-smelling bergamot and a lifting sensation that might be aldehydes. But the star of the show comes soon after, a perfect patch-heavy chypre base, redolent and green with galbanum and moss bringing out the grassy feel of the patchouli as opposed to the stereotypical smelly-hippie qualities most people think of when they imagine patchouli.

    The closest thing I can compare Patchouli to is Tom Ford's now-legendary Moss Breches, with its extremely green patchouli under a bright top, though Molinard's old-fashioned bergamot makes theirs smell a bit more dated (but in a good way, to aficionados). A strong thumbs up, but I'd still wear Moss Breches before this one. That being said, Molinard Patchouli is still available and about 100 times less expensive...

    28th April, 2012

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