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    Water Calligraphy by By Kilian

    And here's the official By Kilian description of this fragrance:
    An olfactive impression of an aquatic flower sitting next to a pod of water lillies...a moment of delicacy.

    Water Calligraphy is a harmonious duo of sparkling grapefruit zest and reseda blossom underlined by dewy warer lily to awaken the senses. In the heart, the majestic jasmine sambac enhances the evanescent magnolia giving an ipression of quiet water sliding over cardamom and vetiver, like chinese ink slides over rice paper.

    Well Mr. Kilian, this one is indeed delicate, the flowery combination in the opening mixed with a prominent grapefruit note makes my senses tingle to a zen state in a beautiful way (like resting in one of those famous chinese lakes) but sadly the magic just stays in the opening, where in the heart we have a dull Avon's type of smell that makes me angry since the transition is so unexpected in a bad way. Neutral ratings since is does not smells bad but it is definitively not worth the money

    29th April, 2012

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