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    English Leather by Dana

    Very heavy scent. Smells completely different in the bottle than it does on my skin. It smells like just pure manly, spicy leather out of the bottle. I only notice the citrus on my skin.

    Donít really get the middle notes here. Seems to fade straight into the woody & leather base notes.

    The scentís not bad per se. Itís in its own class in a way. Other scents are ĎEnglish Leatherí scents Ė itís hard to put this in a category. Itís extremely cheap & saying that EL is Ďnothing fancyí is an understatement. Itís very base & cloying Ė but not altogether in a bad way. Itís not that bad of a scent, but it is also very mature. Using it for a couple hours (very lightly mind you) is fine, but after a couple of hours on me Ė thereís just something that tells me that Iím much too young to be wearing this. Thereís a bit of old mannish-ness to this. The scent itself would probably get a thumbs-down if that was all I was considering. Itís tolerable if youíre going by scent alone IMO.

    Dies down after about 6-7 hours on me, so itís got pretty decent longevity. The sillage is good. You barely have to splash any on this stuff is so strong. It also has the ability to be offensive if youíre wearing too much. I imagine that EL is a bit of an acquired fragrance. All in all, probably a cog in anyoneís fragrance library; not the best, but a must-have, especially for the price. A thumbs-up from me reflects ELís history, notoriety, price, and decent scent.

    02nd May, 2012

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