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    Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

    Fougeres rarely get my love blame the countless synthetic clones occupying the 'men's' shelves in perfume shops. The genre seems to have been Xeroxed to an indistinguishable sludge. However, quality and craft will out.
    This doesn't start too promisingly: with a blast of aromatics ranging from mint toothpaste to pine room freshener. But soon we're into the heart notes (the best stage of this perfume) where everything turns more natural, the woods amplify, there's warmth but characteristic freshness too one of those fairytale transformations where the figure in a painting or in a mirror slowly comes to life. Chest hairs sprout, one by one. One gets the impression of incredible detail without overbearing richness, so pleasing and stimulating.
    The drydown is a bit talced over, but the gaiac base keeps things beautifully rounded, sweet but still woodsy, the depth is not lost.
    This is handsome in a square-jawed kind of way but wears a check shirt and is basically unadventurous. Worth a fling just for the bone structure but don't expect the earth to move.

    04th May, 2012

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