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    Voile de Fleur by Tom Ford

    Plums are very seductive fruits and they do not get any more sensuous than they do here in BOVdF. They are dark, opulent, and slyly sinister here. I am over the moon in love with Tom Fordís misunderstood boozy villain. This villain in velvets also brings gardenias to woo its prey in the cloak of darkness. Its drydown is consistently dark and dense, with heady fruits and berries, spicy sandalwood, and loads of amber and patchouli. Compared to its older sibling, Black Orchid, this is a lighter, effervescent version but itís still heavy hitter with a secret double life.

    This is a dense cloak of a fragrance with sillage that announces, ďThe wearer has left the building.Ē It is certainly a fragrance with a bullhorn! Very much like anyone with a bullhorn, this fragrance is unconcerned with offending others, though it has the potential to do so. I know Iíll be wearing this the next time I go bar-hopping in Downtown L.A. BOVdF was made for upscale nightlife and devil-may-care urban adventures.

    05th May, 2012

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