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    1725 Casanova by Histoires de Parfums

    1725 is another fragrance created by Gerald Ghislain of Histoires de Parfum which is inspired by a historical character. 1725 was the year of birth of Casanova. He's mostly known for his memoirs of vivid life in Europe capitols in XVIII century and his famous love conquests. His name became a synonym of seduction.

    1725 opens with a very elegant note of two citruses - grapefruit and lemon. As it comes to speaking about citrus notes in the opening, they're often very intensive, strong, prominent and sparkling. But grapefruit & lemon in Casanova break this stereotype. They're classy, distinguished and modern. It's more like smelling their aromatic rinds rather than experiencing the aroma of the whole fruit. These two citruses are...reserved - this should be a good word to describe. There's also something powdery wandering around. Later, an oh-my-gosh-so-gorgeous lavender note appears gracefully. It's so different from one other great lavender perfume - Caron Pour un Homme. While in Caron the lavender note is very fresh, here, in 1725 lavender note is very warm and cosy. To my nose it's like experiencing highest quality sun-dried lavender. It smells like a lavender potpourri I bought during my summer trip to Croatia 2 years ago. After this time it still holds it's precious aroma, reminding me of fun times I had there. When anise joins, 1725 becomes even better. It's slightly spicy, but only a little. Then licorice adds some sweetness to break that spiciness from anise. As the fragrance evolves, 1725 Casanova changes into the most fabulous amber and vanilla scent ever created (at least in my opinion). Duet of amber & vanilla is one of my favourite duets in modern perfumery and 1725 raises the bar really high. After more time amber diffuses and the creaton gets a gourmand moment - believe me - vanilla and almonds with a note of sandalwood in the background smell delicious. Like almond cookies taken out from the oven and cooling down. The note list also mentiones cedar, bergamot and other citruses. For me there's no cedar at all here, bergamot and those other citruses maybe appeared right in the opening but were dominated by grapefruit and lemon aromas.

    1725 Casanova is a wonderful aromatic-fougere eau de parfum with many facets. Once it can be all about grapefruit, the other time it's lavender, amber & vanilla that get the lead. The aroma of this fragrance is rather unique and the taste is exquisite. When someone would smell it on you, there's a high chance they would like to come back for more, so they'll come closer and closer to you. This might be the type of scent that makes others quietly involved. The perfume draws their attention and then... their attention not only focuses on 1725 but on YOU. That's how the perfume seduction works, I guess. In this case Casanova is the perfect name for this eau de parfum.
    This one is my favourite from Histoires de Parfums I smelled.

    09th May, 2012

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