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    Patchouli by Réminiscence

    Simply a great and well balanced (averagely dry) patchouli with some cedar in the mix in order to keep on plain the earthy opacity and with slightly boozy amber and white sandalwood in order to lay down a bed of soft (moderate) sweetness and comforting powder. A touch of white floral elements gives an ethereal vibe to the composition and hints of citrus (a touch of bergamot) set the right amount of classicism. The smell is fairly earthy-angular in the right way, never aggressive and finally dreamy and slightly talky. Really an high quality patchouli on the side of the decadent Patchouli Noir Il Profvmo, the great Patchouly Indonesiano by Farmacia S.s Annunziata, Mazzolari and the other famous patchoulies around.

    12th May, 2012

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