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    Happy by Clinique

    As a fan of both white florals and citrus Happy is a 'thumbs up' for me. I have a small sample bottle given as part a a Clinique bonus set. Mine still smells good so I seem to have escaped the problem of the bottles going "off" as some have described (please store your fragrances in dark, cool places!). Would I buy a bottle of Happy? Maybe.

    On me, Happy is linear and uncomplicated. Some days, that's all I'm looking for. Most of my other fragrances have much deeper base notes. I wear my sample of Happy when I am looking for a little divergence from my pattern. I still get the citrus and white floral notes without the patcholli, sandalwood, amber or benzoin. However...without those stronger base notes Happy doesn't last nearly as long as my other citrus/floral regulars. So I have to pack the sample in my purse and reapply mid-day.

    I wear Happy on days that I am looking for that "fresh out of the shower" clean citrus smell for a few hours. If I want the scent to last I must reapply, otherwise Happy seems to just float away...

    12th May, 2012

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