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    Angel by Thierry Mugler

    Oh Angel, how I wanted to love you...but you hate me....

    I have tried this fragrance twice on the strength of the positive recommendations from this (and other) forum(s) and twice I've had an absolutely horrific experience. The first time I tried Angel (in a major department store) it smelled so bad the sales girl literally towed me to a make up removal station and tried to scrub it from my arm. My four year old son made the "yuck" face and refused to stand on that side of my body.

    Why go back the second time? I thought, "this can't be right...everybody says Angel is divine...maybe that first bottle had turned." Oh no. I am convinced Angel HATES my body chemistry. The second time smelled exactly the same but this time the sales person at the perfume counter tried to tell me it was lovely as she(unsuccessfully) tried not to make the "yuck" face herself. (Side note: Don't lie to us salespeople...we CAN smell ourselves.)

    So what did Angel smell like on me? No disrespect intended to those of you who wear Angel, but on me it smelled like rancid fruit. I also got a note of something that smelled like rotting meat. On others- chocolate, on me- rotting things. Another cautionary tale about the importance of body chemistry. So a one overall but a five for longevity. Why? Because it smelled revolting for about 15 hours even after all attempts to remove it/cover it up with something else/shower.

    On a side note...none of the Mugler fragrances smell as they are "supposed" to on me and I am now really curious about it. Angel and Alien really smell repulsive on me but lovely on others. Womanity smells good but not the way it was intended. Anybody have ideas about why these Mugler fragrances would behave this way on me when no others do?

    12th May, 2012

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