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    Numero Uno by Carthusia

    A huge fragrance, bold and distinguished. Itsinitially (barely) dirty and exotic (spices and ylang-ylang?) floral musk on the side of the grassy, camphoraceous, aromatic and ambery patchouli conjures me a bit the classic Aramis although the latter is more spicy-animalic while Numero Uno is in my opinion more bright, fine, slightly boozy (the bitter orange effect) and finally clean. Something in the air smells like a far less massive, animalic and thick sort of Mazzolari Lui (camphor, musk, ambery patchouli, vetiver, some floral element ect.). The combination of violet leaves, lavender, aromatic herbs (thyme, rosemary) and bitter orange (i mean the finest part of the blend) produces a complex fruity-floral whirl complemented by elegant patchouli and grassy vetiver over a cool musky-mossy base with a touch of ambergris and sandalwood. The outcome is smooth and floral with a featuring fruity-boozy patchouli, a touch of exoticism, elements of classic austerity and a spicy-rooty and ambery (sharp amber) spark swirling in the air. One of the best around.

    14th May, 2012

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