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    Mariella Burani by Mariella Burani

    Gorgeous musky-animalic and aldehydic fruity-floral. The juice is obscure (violet, muguet, rose, patchouli) and extremely changeful and sophisticated. I catch the bright hesperidic and the aldehydic beginning, the complexity of the powdery floral tornado, the taste of the edible fruits, the velvet of the balsams and the shadowy mossy-animalic, ambery and powdery (tonka) dry down. I smell effectively some reminiscence of N. 5 ( with olfactory deja vu about the brewing character of Diva Ungaro)but this scent is less projecting and aldehydic and surely more complex, hesperidic and mysterious (more fruity vanilla and benzoin) than the Chanel one. A work of art unfortunately hard to find.

    15th May, 2012

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