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    Aventus by Creed

    It's an amazingly likeable fragrance. Let's put aside the price for a second....this is just about the pinnacle of fresher fragrances. I've sampled hundreds of fragrances and to me this is heads and shoulders the King of the warmer climate perfumes. The smokey pineapple is such a great combo, it works amazing. It's a deceptive devil, as sometimes the sheer awesomeness caused easy nose fatigue, but it's a well projecting scent, that should easily please just about everyone. Easily one of the most wearable niche options, along with Tobacco Vanille. It's tough to hate something which smells so good.
    If one is really into this fragrance quest, and finds trouble finding great spring/summer fresher scents, this is the dragon slayer right here. If cash is not a problem, one bottle of this Aventus wipes the floor with them Isseys, Acqua di Gios, hell even just about most niche fresh fragrances (there's not much great stuff imo out there in the niche market for a normal nose)

    17th May, 2012

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