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    Jennifer Aniston / Lolavie by Jennifer Aniston

    Jennifer Aniston is a crisper, cleaner, more austere, floral version of the already super clean "Gendarme". The press materials indicate that the bottle was based on the work of Frank Gehry, but the scent itself brings to mind another architect: John Pawson. JA is the scent of polished cement floors, floor to ceiling glass, vaulted ceilings, and orderly, minimalist furnishings after the maid (with OCD) has done her thing. There is a biting astringency to the fragrance, as if behind the lovely scent of expensive floral arrangements you can still smell the cleaning products that have scrubbed the room of any flaw and imperfection. This is the scent of order.

    I really like it. Definitely unisex. Longevity could be better. I alternate it with "Gendarme" when I want the same "freshly scrubbed and dry cleaned" effect but in a different scent.

    25th May, 2012

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