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    R by Révillon

    Nice ultra-clean aromatic with a wonderful blended composition by Maurice Roucel! I like what he did here - and see it almost as a throwback scent, but there is something decisively modern about it. No dust - there is a super fresh feeling one gets with this.

    My notes are: Top - citrus - bergamot mostly, lavender (light and breezy accord, not heavy at all as lavender can be), a nice use petit grain, and a dash of some "marine" notes - a slightly ozonic quality. Very nice!

    The middle warms up with a hint of cedar, but there is very little wood in here - and a nice bit of artemisia adding some greenery. The spices are light, and intermingle nicely - they warm up the fragrance a touch...pinches of cinnamon, nutmeg and coriander is what I can detect. Nothing is loud - just a bit of sparkle, then warmth. Violet makes a nice entrance here, but is not dominant. It blends with the wonderful lavender on top and spices in the heart.

    Base - this stays light and wears relatively close with a clean white musk and very fresh feeling. Also, after wearing this a lot (I've used a total of over half a 200ml bottle) - I have found a nice light cedar/fir balsam note in the finish - with the violet staying present for the first hour or so into the drydown. It is clean and adds a bit of depth. I have found longevity (with a nice, liberal application) to be adequate. Layering is fine - this never gets cloying. If I want to touch-up, I just reapply a bit more Revillon R and enjoy the fragrance from top to bottom again before leaving the house. This is a great out-of-the-shower scent and will allow you to go to something different (without needing to wash it off) after just a few hours.

    This is a really great, relatively unknown fragrance from a true master in the perfume world in Monsieur Roucel! The price is great - and since it is light and wears like an EDC or even splash after-shave, I like to apply it liberally. I get compliments when I wear this, especially from my wife in the first 30 minutes or so...she loves the top and middle. Longevity is adequate/moderate, around 3-4 hours (at most) leaving a non-obtrusive and clean base you can put virtually anything over (and for me, that may actually be nice - as I find myself wanting to wear or even layer a couple of fragrances during the day). Pick another aromatic fougere with nice lavender in the top and put it over this at midday - no worries.

    How to apply is key for me. I bought a 200ml splash (big bottle) for a great price. I unscrew the cap and pour a fair amount of Revillon R either into my cupped hand or, preferably, into the cap itself...probably 2/3 to a full cap and "splash" it on my neck, face, hair and a few wet palms on my shirt. It creates a very nice aura - now you know what Revillon R is all about. Awesome scent for the price. 7/10 overall (due to short longevity), but 8/10 for the scent and price tag. Settle at a 7.5/10 and a strong recommendation to buy. Year-round simply cannot over-apply this and the more I wear it, the more I come back to it. Cheers to the Revillon house and Maurice Roucel!

    02nd January, 2012 (Last Edited: 28th May, 2012)

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