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    Brooklyn by Bond No. 9

    Bond no.9 totally out did themselves with this wonderfully blended fragrance. Honestly I have never smelled a fragrance like this ever.

    Brooklyn is the correct name for this fragrance. The bottle is the correct design for this fragrance. This fragrance is vibrant, energetic, ruthless and in your face...AT FIRST. Then like anywhere it begins to settle and becomes a place you can call home.

    This fragrance is a woody-spicy-oriental. It features cardamom, geranium leaves, cedar, grapefruit, juniper berries. Guaiac wood, cedar wood, cypres and leather. Its hard to detect all the notes at once because all of them come flying at you left and right, up and down. As it settles I definitely get the grapefruit, woods, and leather. To me these 3 are the dominant parts of the fragrance.

    As far as projection and longevity this fragrance is just weird. Others have said that this fragrance has very poor longevity 3-5hours max and that projection is non-existent. I must admit when you first spray this fragrance on you will swear that that it has vanished within 30mins. YET when it hits that one hour mark this stuff starts projecting hard. I have had people 5 feet away able to smell me. The more this stuff settles on your skin the stronger it gets. I consistently get monster projection and longevity.

    This is one that is really hard to describe. I would just suggest everyone to sample this extraordinary fragrance as I will not be able to give an accurate description of the goodness of this fragrance. I feel that Brooklyn is the perfect name for this amazing composition as it is bold and in your face. Representing BK to the fullest!!!!

    Sillage/Projection: 9/10 (Projects for a good 5 hours)
    Longevity 10/10 (12+ hours typical from all Bond no.9 fragrances)
    Scent: 10/10 (Never smelled anything like it, which is a good thing)
    Compliment factor: 7/10 (Will get compliments, though it may be “too in your face” for some)
    Purpose: 10/10 (Can be worn for any purpose)
    Season: Any season
    Bang for the buck: Worthy of the price. Nothing on the market does what this does. Niche quality for sure.

    30th May, 2012

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