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    Leather Oud by Christian Dior

    I have tried my best to establish a relationship between myself and Leather Oud built on mutual respect , but I can see now that it is never going to happen. L.O. refuses to change to please me, and I am unwilling to accept it on it's own terms. I go through my samples always giving it one more chance. Am I ever NOT disappointed? No. Never.
    How does something that smells this good at the start turn into such a stinker in such a short time? When first applied Leather Oud is as pretty as can be, a perfect balance of amber, leather, clove and oud and just a hint of smokiness. The animalic element is at bay. The oud is not a strong one. I feel like Dior was afraid of putting in too much, when putting in a bit more might have made it more interesting. Leather Oud strikes me as more of an ambery vetiver fragrance than of one built around oud. The beautiful phase of Leather Oud's life is depressingly short (like my own I might add). An hour in the civet begins to emerge from whatever shadow it was lurking in, driving out all that is good and decent and beautiful. By hour two it's over. The desolation of scorched earth. The reign of the dreaded Civet at hand.
    Leather Oud disappoints so much because of what it very briefly once was and because of what it could have been. You could carry the Leather Oud bottle in you back pocket, I suppose. To freshen up as needed. That is a solution.

    01st April, 2012 (Last Edited: 03rd June, 2012)

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