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    Aoud Gourmet by Martine Micallef

    I didn't like this at first, and in the end I still feel it's not for me, but I can appreciate its beauty.

    When first applied I smell scorched sugar with an alarming plastic and/or chemical smell, with hints of magic marker. There are some vanilla notes that smell like plastic to me and that's almost what I'm getting here, but it doesn't stay long. It's the opening stage of this fragrance that I don't like.

    After an hour or two the chemical feeling calms down a lot. I would call this heady and intoxicating, decadent, like a super-rich dessert that is almost too rich. Very smooth, and more than a little sexy.

    Another hour later, the base notes come in and I like this even more. I think cedar is coming out or maybe patchouli. At this point I start thinking maybe I could wear this after all. But I think I would only put it on a couple hours before leaving to go out, not sooner. It's still somewhat of a scorched sugary scent, but now backed up by the grounding woodsy notes. Not bad but I'm not sure where I would wear this.

    Last thought....I'm still not sure I know what oud smells like, so I can't comment on its presence in this scent.

    04th June, 2012

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