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    Polo Modern Reserve by Ralph Lauren

    As well as already abundantly underlined the Modern Reserva is a more contemporary (?) revisited kind of juice which is still green and smoky but is at once sweeter, endowed by a certain dose of soapy smoothness, more fruity and far less complex, aromatic-balsamic, minty, coniferous, sharp, resinous and leathery than the HUGE predecessor. I catch hints of balmy "synthetism" in this modern version, the flowers are less angular and more enveloping, the juice is more radiant, ostensibly light and spacious (airy), more sporty-dymamic and owns like a touch of something boozy, balmy (the myrrh) but also fruity-detergent (deep fruits-vetiver-patchouli) and deeply spicy is in the blend. The first impression is that the juice is less dusty-incensey, aqueous, sharp and leathery than the original Polo even if as soon as the dry down is cast you notice that the smell is still a Polo kind of smell and is virile, leathery, herbal-rooty (vetiver) and prickly-dusty (but with that spicy-balmy-fruity warm sweetness almost absent in the body of the great original). The main difference between the two versions is to me made by the sweetness of balsams, fruits and spices introduced in the body of the Reserva. Nonetheless this revisited flanker is a good smell of forest for us but is not so transparent, pure, natural, stiff, cool-aromatic and silvan as the bold original.

    04th June, 2012

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