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    L'Eau Ambrée by Prada

    I'm honestly not sure what to think about L'Eau Ambrée. On one hand, it's got some really great aspects to it while, simultaneously, it's incredibly weak. With a very heavy application, it's quite nice, though I can't help think that this was specifically formulated to appeal to ladies who want to vaguely smell like they've showered with really nice expensive soap.

    The first couple of hours are the best part, a rich smell that reminds me of a Chanel base, a really nice creamy mix of sandalwood, iris, vague florals, and soapy musk. Smelled up close, there's a hint of pink pepper, but not enough to make it smell cheap or common. With quite a few sprays, this stage has decent silage for an hour or so, though it eventually fades down to a soapy smell, which in turn fades further into the amber the perfume is named after, a nice one with vanilla for sweetness (though it's never gourmand) and a subtly soapy powdery quality.

    Basically, it all comes down to the weak strength, though. I'll go with a neutral review, because it's certainly not bad, though I'd recommend a sniff through the Chanel exclusifs over L'Eau Ambrée, because they do what it does better and stronger and without apologies.

    07th June, 2012

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