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    Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès

    If there's one thing I know Hermes/Jean-Claude Ellena for, it's blurring the line between what we consider niche quality and what we consider designer quality. I'm not saying these 2 groups are scientifically proven to be leaps and bounds away from each other quality-wise, but in general niche is where the top-notch reside...and usually Hermes is right up there with them, breaking the boundary.

    This is not Hermes quality. This is a mess. I expected this to be right up there with Terre D'Hermes, I was very disappointed. What this is is a very modern citrus, but I like to think of it like something that been distilled and filtered too much over time, at a certain point it becomes so refined that it looses what made it special.

    There is a very lemony-citrus, a light tea scent, and the ever so spicy woody smell of cardamom, but it's very boring, very synthetic, and doesn't even try to hide it.

    Jean-Claude Ellena has done much better than this. From the startling top to the generic citrus musk drydown I would recommend passing.

    12th June, 2012

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