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    Zeta by Tauer

    The opening is bright with tart lemon & bergamot, swiftly followed by neroli & honeyed rose. Shortly after though, l get a strange sour note that l can't explain. l did have this sample for a few months before l got around to trying it, but it was kept in a box well away from heat & light, so l see no reason why it should have turned. After a couple of hours, l get a grassy green note, & after seven hours it all fades out without having developed any further.
    l don't recall ever having smelled linden blossom in nature, & so l cannot comment on this scent's similarity to it. The only other fragrance l've tried that lists it as a note is DelRae's Debut, which has a much brighter, juicy greenness to it, although l found it too tart for me. l have read that linden has a grassy aspect, so l guess that's what l'm getting in the drydown.
    l have really enjoyed most of the Tauer fragrances that l've tried, but l find this one disappointing, as for me that sour note detracts too much from my enjoyment of it.

    12th June, 2012

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