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    Millésime Impérial by Creed

    After discovering Creed Fragrances from my father I made a blind purchase of MI online. I initially disliked the fragrance. My expectations were very high from everything I had read and it wasn't what I had imagined. I didn't get the hint of melon that people had been mentioning. The fragrance was not bad, just not what I had expected. All things aside, I wore the scent for the next few days and fell in love. I believe once air mixed with the scent, it transformed. I cannot help but smell a very strong note of lush melon. I just started working at a new office and it has been great for a young, professional setting. I have received a few compliments on the scent from people in the office and I believe it compliments my personality well. I will say the longevity is low. On a good day I will get 6 hours out of this on the average about 4. I still prefer this over Green Irish Tweed. Side note- my father purchased MI from Neiman's shortly after I bought mine and his is not getting nearly as much of the melon note as mine.

    15th June, 2012

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