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    Black Suede Leather by Avon

    Smells nothing like the original black suede. No powdery note. I like the original black suede but it is a very old school scent. Black suede leather is very modern. Clean. Fresh. I sprayed Cuba wild heart, and Ed hardy's love and luck, and especially on dry down these smell almost identical to black suede leather. BSL is just slightly "less sweet" than the other two. But has the same semi-modern fresh designer scent. It is a wonderful scent especially for a younger guy. My wife loves it. Smells very expensive. Sillage is average, as is longevity. But at $10 a bottle, it's a steal. Not sure why it's not more popular. If more people knew it was so good, it wouldn't be so unknown. No one will smell this and ever think its an Avon frag. They'll easily think you spent 4-5x the price tag. Smells classy.

    14th June, 2012 (Last Edited: 15th June, 2012)

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