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    English Leather by Dana

    English Leather is a comforting fragrance. For men of a certain era, whose fathers came of age in the 50s and 60s and wore this, a bottle of English Leather represents a certain masculine ideal. We scions have rebuked our fathers' racism and sexism (at least most of us have) while maintaining a kind of brand loyalty to a notion of manhood ever vanishing. Fragrances such as Old Spice, Clubman and English Leather provide a sense memory, a memory of school plays, graduations, barbecues, baseball games and the smell of Dad. On this Father's Day, it is appropriate to remember a classic symbol of Man in all of his facets.

    English Leather is a rite of passage and an underrated mainstay in a masculine arsenal. For those who believe history began with Nirvana, who only follow trends, and who scoff at anything preceding their birth, it's a pity that you'll break the lineage. Odds are that one of your forerunners had this on his skin when he slid across his first car's seat to kiss that girl, which eventually led to your advent.

    What other fragrance smells like it? To this day, it is an individual. In an era when lockstep is advised, it's refreshing and commendable that English Leather still beats its solitary lime and leather drum.

    18th June, 2012

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