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    Acteur by Azzaro

    I got a Vintage bottle recently prior to reformulation - the moss is definitely there and shows up in the mid-notes on the skin (on clothing, this is radiating a deep, dark rose (not dirty like Zino Davidoff's - very different vein due to the mace note, which is superb). This rose is not a "fresh" bloom, but one that has start to drop a couple of petals into the bowl of fresh and dried fruit under it (definitely some nice fruit notes in here). However, what keeps the rose from being "off" (or too wilted) is actually the sharp carnation, in my opinion (brilliant). I actually think it fits perfect into the structure. A bright, cheerful rose note would not fit into this simply wonderful! Damn good.

    Two sprays - one on my inner arm and one on my sleeve right above it and this is really nice. It would take a confident man to wear this - most definitely.

    I will comment on the "Azzaro-vibe" - it is only slightly there. It is more in the structure, not the scent (if you own Vintage Azzaro Pour Homme, then you understand what I mean). It is how the scent evolves and how the components blend. No similarities to Azzaro Pour Homme - this is, in my opinion (as I boldly say) just as good as Vintage Azzaro Pour Homme and far better than current formulation ApH (not even ballpark close there).

    Wow - the wood in this is so well-integrated with the florals and the fruits are drying down a bit. The heart of cedar blends beautifully into the warm musk and amber.

    Lots of great reviews here - Bigsly, I too, get a slightly "boozy" note from the combined mace, fruit notes (not mentioned here) and dark rose. This is actually radiating warmth on my arm - I am more than impressed.

    Final score - 9+/10, Vintage formulation!! I look forward to a full wearing of this, because I definitely have the confidence. This is awesome juice and I would not think to layer it. I have not tried the current release, which is missing the moss - but this is not even a moss-laden scent (I definitely smell it, but other notes are more prevalent and dominant).

    Final thought - This is a warm, masculine and beautiful fragrance!

    09th March, 2012 (Last Edited: 20th June, 2012)

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