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    The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

    A great fragrance with very sensual and beautiful smell which unfortunately doesn't last and project very well! :(
    If you love tobacco based fragrances and you're going to buy this because of the tobacco note, hold on a second! this is not a tobacco based fragrance!!
    Yeah, the tobacco is in this fragrance but it's not as strong as you think and also it's surrounded with strong sweet and spicy notes that don't allow to the tobacco note to shine!
    The opening is strong, sweet and spicy. you can smell tobacco note which surrounded with strong and sweet ambre, spicy ginger and only hint of grapefruit notes. very warm and beautiful scent.
    In the drydown the sweetness become stronger and blind other notes and push them in the background.
    It's a linear fragrance, so the smell doesn't change too much.
    It's a safe and very pleasant fragrance but as I said before the longevity and projection of this fragrance isn't that great and that's the worst part of this fragrance. or maybe I can say the only bad thing about it!
    It's sweet but it doesn't have enough power to name it as a winter fragrance. I think it's great for spring and fall and also summer nights.

    21st June, 2012

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