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    Carnal Flower by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    Oh. Oh.... Oh................ this is so lovely it's become my comfort perfume, the one I use after being disappointed by so many others. It is simply beautiful, so different, so pure; it must be one of the best perfumes of the last 25 years. I put it on and I smile instantly; it's like being enveloped in tuberose cotton wool. I love its tenacity; so many modern perfumes just vanish from my skin. Nothing fruity here either, thank goodness; just jasmin and the wallop of that tuberose absolute with ylang ylang and orange blossom blending so sinuously, so sensually, making this a fragrance with no rough edges at all. The coconut-creaminess reminds me of gorse flowers. I didn't get eucalyptus and melon topnotes, but then, everything about this wonderful, wonderful fragrance is smooth, with no odd notes that appear 'trying to be different' or cool. I can really believe it took 2 years to create, you can 'feel' it. I found the scent deeply euphoric; it actually changed my mood. Everything in its place, perfectly balanced. Ropion must understand women down to their cells. I adore it!

    28th June, 2012

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