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    Voile de Fleur by Tom Ford

    One of those perfumes that I shouldn't like, but somehow do.

    For Voile de Fleur, Tom Ford borrows Guerlain's signature boozy cherry and throws it on top of a juicy tropical fruit punch of mostly pineapple and mango. This would be fairly saccharine on its own, but it's cleverly poised on a bed of coconut juice and waxy tropical flowers (my best guess is that it's largely ylang, but with enough other florals to give it a pinch of that powdery white flower accord and some vanilla for added creaminess).

    I actually prefer Voile De Fleur over the original Black Orchid (though not listed as such here, it's a flanker) because I like VDF's waxy florals more than BO's weird minty fruity indoles. But while they don't really smell alike, they're very much in the same spirit, and VDF is just as nuclear-strong as Black Orchid.

    VDF is very much a nightclub fragrance to me. It's strangely unisex in the same way as the original Black Orchid, a sort of wild scream for attention (in a good way, though) that mocks gender. Have you ever seen a faux queen? It's a natural woman who impersonates a drag queen in nightclubs, wherein she revels in a sort of mock femininity that's so over-the-top that it transcends gender and leaves everyone confused. That's what both Black Orchid and Voile de Fleur smell like to me, something so ridiculously over-the-top feminine that it no longer fits on a regular woman, the perfume equivalent of a crazy fruit hat or a ball gown encrusted in those little disco ball mirrors.

    29th June, 2012

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