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    Leather Oud by Christian Dior

    i got this last week and i'm finding it to be one of the most beguiling frags ever. used to killian incense oud and armani privé oud royal, this one almost completely lacks that cozy sweetness and replaces it with a compelling dryness. there is also a prevalent civet note which, although disconcertingly prevalent, is so well blended & balanced it only enhances the overall effect. and what an effect! on me is ever so slowly develops into the DEEPEST, purest DRY leather. For the second wearing, i softened this haunting starkness with a tiny layer of ambre russe, which perfectly complimented the construction. this take on oud & leather is hardcore but worth checking out just to acknowledge demachy's mastery. 9/10
    while i still respect this, and absolutely swoon at the opening, within an hour it it really does go "barnyard" (as my wife puts it). as well as ambre russe, i've found that using the wife's IRIS SILVER MIST under LO really does the trick, creating a FABULOUS iris-leather of incredible depth & mystery, not mention chilling that manure-saddle civet nastiness quite effectively! i'm a chef and this new recipe has salvaged this great but challenging fragrance.

    22nd October, 2011 (Last Edited: 30th June, 2012)

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