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    New York Oud by Bond No. 9

    Well... I know I could be killed about this but letīs go!!!

    I love this one... Itīs SUPERB!

    And Iīm telling this completly impressed because to me OUD is a very agressive material. For example I bought (blind) the (in)FAMOUS Leather Oud by Dior and this beast made me sick... Oud pure and straight to my brain combinated with leather?!? Too much for me Sir... The other OUD-boy (I guess OUD-Old man, is more applicable) is Oud Wood by Tom Ford who I really found unpleasant... So I gave myself a try when I was buying Chinatown last weekend and I smelt this OUD from Bond... I was intrigued about it... so the saleswoman gave a sample and tell me to try to talk with this fragrance... And guys... I felt in love. This is finally an OUD for me!!! Itīs everything that ever I wanted that Black Aoud by Montale to be... a balanced oud with roses... not screaming and punching you in the face, but talking to you instead of this. Always talking at loud, but only talking!!!
    For me, this is the kind of OUD that Iīll like forever... Itīs not a PURE STRONG OUD... .. And If you looking for something like this go for those ones I described above.

    Finally... Great longevity, projection and sillage!!!

    Why an OUD fragrance has always to be The Purest and Strongest Oud?!!?

    01st July, 2012

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