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    Spiritueuse Double Vanille by Guerlain

    Those contending Spirituese Double Vanille smells identical to vanilla extract need only do an honest side-by-side to quickly realize how inaccurate that accusation is. SdV is simple yet bold, going on with unrestrained booziness over what is an almost aldehydic vanilla. It is not a huge, sugary, cloying, warm, bready, sticky melting vanilla like Un Bois Vanille (SL) but rather a crisp, luxurious and very wearable vanilla. I also detect the glorious spice of aromatic tobacco leaves.

    I didn't care for it at first. It seemed somewhat lacking, uninteresting and linear but I slowly came to realize how complex and well done it really is. But most importantly it simply smells really, really, really good. I never regret the days I wear it, it's one of the best fragrances to keep you company all day. And while I've worn it on warmer spring nights with ease, it is best worn during autumn and winter. Longevity and projection are top notch.

    02nd July, 2012

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