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    Gold Woman by Amouage

    My quest is over - if I never smell another perfume ever, this is Nirvana for me . (I wear Lyric during the daytime, Gold and Jubilation 25 share night time duties )-so soft, so close to the skin, caressing , loving and above all, kind . I bought all three in one go, shelling out 600 for smells - it was worth every single penny . The soft top notes of Gold are Rock Rose, (labdanum) the huge floral accord which is strange because I never used to like florals, closer in my opinion to a sophisticated Rive Gauche than say, Chanel no 5. There is a familiarity that I cannot pin point but maybe that's the Rive Gauche factor . Oh, I adore this , I cannot use all the fancy, schmancy perfumista words to describe it because that would be disrespectful to Guy Robert - Guy, this is/was your Opus , please Amourage, please NEVER EVER play with this formulation because perfection needs no adjustments .

    02nd July, 2012

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