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    A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

    The first time I encountered Angel (AMen) was at a discount fragrance shop at a mall. I asked the lady for something that smelled along the lines of Jordan Legend or Rochas Man. She grabbed the most amazing looking rubber flask from the rack, puffed 3 times on a piece of paper - and stuck it under my nose. I could have brained her for that. For years, I rued the day that that shop opened for business...and swore I was done with gourmand cologne other than the aforementioned Legend and Rochas Man. Fast forward to Christmas 2011... I was walking past a kiosk at a totally different mall - and this pungent odor caught me enough to saunter over and take a closer look. Amen. I was disgusted with myself. So disgusted that I bought a small bottle and hid it away for a cold night when the wife was on the road. That night happened last week. I loaded up with the stuff (6 sprays) on Friday night and stayed up watching Married With Children reruns until dawn (checking my wrists every hour). By 8am, the smell of disgust had worn off - and this amazingly unique and well-crafted scent turned the corner for me. I love the stuff from a distance, but it's not something I'd wear to work (unless I worked in a strip club) and most certainly would not wear to church. It's for smoky bars only - and even then I get strange looks from anyone I come in contact with. It suits my personality perfectly. Screw the status quo.

    06th July, 2012

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