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    Les Déserts d'Orient - Rose Nacrée du Desert by Guerlain

    When I first tried Rose Nacree du Desert I was a bit concerned that the rose blast that it opens with could be too feminine. But it turned out to be a dry rose scent, and it quickly transforms into a sweet, but not too sweet, spicy wonderful blend. The oud is there and the scent lasts for a long time with good outreach. This fragrance has made more of an impression on me than most - as I normally do not give much thoughts to a fragrance once I wear it. But with Rose Nacree I am constantly reminded of being in a Persian Garden..

    There may be other fragrances with a similar combination of rose, spiciness and oud, but I am in no position to make a comparison. I just know that this perfume is wonderful.

    As I understand, this is a limited release foremost for the Middle East. It is available at airports in Dubai, Doha and Beirut and possibly elsewhere in the ME and also in Paris at the Guerlain store.

    01st July, 2012 (Last Edited: 07th July, 2012)

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