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    Red Jeans by Versace

    Versace’s Red Jeans has all the scented chronological markers of a mid-1990s perfume: an opening of pitted fruits, a gooey center of traditional flowers of pink, yellow, white and purple, and a base of sandalwood-and-white-floral muskiness. What sets this apart from its contemporaries is its muted nature. While Tresor, Tuscany Per Donna, and Champs Elisées were shouting Red Jeans was speaking coyly in hushed tones. But do not think because the volume was turned down that the impact of what was whispered was diminished—it still packs a wallop.

    The opening is lightly sweetened peach iced tea and rose petals. Then, once the juice dries upon the skin, it transmutes into a powder-free, sugar-free violet, similar to the violet in Bvlgari II. The roses are still lurking around but the heart is a big bouquet of violets. The drydown is familiar, like the one encountered in Happy, Charlie White, and Splendor. I love this white floral/musk base so I’m smitten with the drydown. If you are turned off by the all-too-familiar musky base, run—don’t walk—from this perfume; expect this musk to linger till your next shower.

    I am always shocked and amazed at the going price of RJ—it’s practically being given away. I’ve spent up to seven times as much for perfumes of inferior quality. Just looking at the cheeky bottle, it is easy to forget this is a fragrance from the house of Versace. It is, in fact, a Versace perfume and it is quite possibly one of the house’s best. It is definitely one of the best violet fragrances I have yet tried. Don’t let the bottle or the price scare you away.

    08th July, 2012

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